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The Philosophy of Chi – The Tao Blog

The Philosophy of Chi

Taoists have understood and taught the philosophy of Chi for hundreds of years. Chi can imply vitality, breath, pressure, or essence. It is the pressure that animates life, that causes the oak tree to spring from the acorn, and strikes the breeze via the bushes. Chi nourishes a fetus into an grownup and propels it via the cycles of life. This is identical vitality that retains the planets, suns, and stars in orbit and holds the patterns of the seasons. 

Taoist masters don’t see this concept of vitality as simply an armchair fantasy, however reasonably it’s seen because the underlying infrastructure of all life. The high quality of our chi / vitality is the standard of our well being, happiness, and enthusiasm for all times. Taoists suppose of chi like water, in that it’s vital for all times. When a backyard is nourished with water and wealthy soil, it grows wholesome and the vegetation flourish. 

Chi within the physique is identical manner. When it flows to the organs, bones, pores and skin, muscle tissues, and tendons, the physique strikes gracefully and the methods of the physique operate correctly. As a religious follow, Taoism is an entire system that features mendacity down postures (Taoist yoga, seated meditations (the interior smile and fusion of the 5 parts), standing postures (iron shirt chi kung), and transferring/strolling postures (chi kung and tai chi). 

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