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Energy Likes to Move

Taoism has practices that assist unite the thoughts, physique and vitality. Although the reproductive organs generate a variety of life pressure vitality, they don’t do an environment friendly job of storing a variety of vitality. Once a specific amount of vitality builds up within the reproductive organs, it has to go someplace. Taoists imagine extra vitality, in females, leaves the physique via heavy menstruation. In males, vitality leaves the physique via extra ejaculation.

As vitality builds up within the decrease facilities and reproductive organs, it may be directed upwards into the physique to nourish well being. This vitality could be saved within the organs, bones, tendons, and glands. Energy may also be circulated within the acupuncture and deeper meridians. These vitality pathways are like river beds that refill with via constant meditation, like a river swells after a constant rain.


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