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Kuji-Kiri Protection Spell (Taoisst Magic)

Naruto acquired folks all enthusiastic about this “Kuji Kiri” magic, and lots of different animes and flicks additionally contributed to the hype of this magic. Still, some folks thought this was a Japanese factor, whereas it originated from Taoism way back. It was later copied to Japan, with their twist or “change” of phrases. If you might be researching this, I’d let you know that you’ve come to the suitable place as a result of I cannot current you with one thing you see circulating the web by many web sites saying the identical factor.

What is that this magic all about? Initially, it was a safety magic that was utilized in a sect. It’s a brief spell meant for fast deployment when the Taoist goes exterior and into the mountains, the place threats are hidden in every single place. Please take into consideration when there was no electrical energy, expertise, cellphone, weapons, and many others. Everyone going into the mountain can be like a journey to hell; you could possibly face snakes, tigers, or no matter beast at evening, in pitch black. Besides a sword or some chilly weapons, you would want all the assistance you possibly can get- together with magic assist.

The spell was named 六甲咒 which attracts the facility out of your Yuen Sun and right down to your soul so that you’re targeted, aligned, and conscious of issues occurring round you. 臨兵鬥者皆陣列前行 – the 9 phrases imply “come, the troop, warriors, all here in formation, before me, go.” If you concentrate on it this manner, you might be calling your powers from the above to go in entrance of you in order that the non secular powers are strolling in entrance of you, like they’re blockading or sensing the threats for you first. If something is harmful forward, you’ll have them notify you so you possibly can keep away from bumping into these issues unexpectedly.

Visualize that you’re strolling in a darkish forest, and then you definately name up a few of the “gods” or “celestial troops” they’re like little mild orbs, after which they go in entrance of you in a curve line formation, following your footsteps. As you stroll, they transfer ahead, sensing issues within the perimeter and guaranteeing you might be secure.

Some “translation” on the market saying issues like peace, concord with nature, knowledge, and all that nonsense. I do not know why they’re so artistic when the reply is correct on the phrases already. Well, possibly that’s how they need it to work of their sect; who is aware of?

The image is named 4V5H, with 4 vertical and 5 horizontal strokes. This is only a image; it doesn’t do something or have any magical energy. It’s not completely different from a cease signal, a circle, an X, or a triangle. It’s the which means we put into it that makes it helpful.

Things come down from the above, and it occurs as you progress ahead horizontally. We stroll horizontally and don’t leap up and down. The horizontal strokes signify the 5 phases of how issues occur, known as the 5 components. The 4 vertical strokes signify the 4 phases of what’s coming down from above. The Yuen Sun (which is situated within the space across the Sun), the soul from the “ghost altar” (situated across the moon space), to the native preheaven dimension the place your vitality physique is, and from you then out to the world in entrance of you, which is the place you want the assistance to be deployed. These 4 phases of transferring from the higher to the vacation spot are known as the “Four Big” 四大, and the phrase massive means a full supply (with nothing left behind).

When doing issues, you undergo 5 phases (5 components): gold, water, wooden, fireplace, and earth.

Gold is whenever you don’t transfer (like metallic, non-moving) whereas the guts teams inward and offer you a sense.

Water is whenever you put down the time (like water, it flows downward), so that you determine to commit.

Wood is whenever you choose up the vitality inside, motivating and energizing you to take motion. You usually suppose and ponder, which makes you need to take motion much more. (Wood grows upward)

Fire is whenever you take bodily motion. (Fire burns the wooden) As you execute the duty, your motivation and ideas will even lower as a result of you may have executed it already.

Earth is if you end up executed with the duty, and now you might be ready and accumulating the fruits, witnessing the outcomes. (Earth piles up over time)

As you possibly can see, this explains the 5 phases of the way you do issues from begin to end; mixed with the “four big,” the message is to have your entire system aligned and show you how to as you progress and do what you need to do. The message may be very easy, name the above for assist and help as you do issues.

Any magic is not going to be just right for you if you don’t belong to the sect that teaches magical strategies. That’s the plain and boring reply. Some folks hated the Japanese for “stealing” the Taoist technique, however in case you are a reputable Taoist, you shouldn’t even care as a result of what can they do in the event that they don’t have the supply connecting to them for the magic anyway? The Japanese must hook up with their non secular supply, which implies it’s already a brand new magic of their system. It doesn’t matter if the phrases are “accurate” anymore as a result of so long as that’s what they imagine of their system, it could work for them since their supply has agreed to it.

However, alternatively, many Chinese don’t know the way magic works, and so they nonetheless imagine that so long as the magic technique is from an historical guide, it ought to have energy. That is main them nowhere. Flipping books from different sects don’t work; it’s like stealing from the opposite sect, which is disloyal to the sect you belong to.

You is likely to be stunned; let’s say an individual simply discovered this magic on-line, and so they “believe” that it could be safety magic for them. They don’t know the meanings of issues, however they imagine that is their magic for “protection.”This would work!

When you haven’t any non secular background, you don’t belong to any sect, and you aren’t linked to something however your Yuen Sun as your major supply for the PreHeaven powers. If you imagine a spell or magic technique can be YOUR technique for XYZ’s goal, you might be simply setting this as a code to speak along with your Yuen Sun and your Yuen Sun will then perceive what you need and provide the show you how to want. You are setting a brand new “code” into your system, which is okay; you possibly can even draw a pokemon and sing a humorous tune for cover; so long as you imagine it could work, you’re going to get it to work because the magic is between you and your Yuen Sun.

The drawback is whenever you attempt to use this along with your faith or sect; it is not going to work as a result of the gods there don’t have this of their system except you set it into the system first.

It isn’t the image or spell that has energy; it’s the supply of energy you might be linked to that’s the precise energy doing the job for you. The technique you utilize is only a solution to talk along with your gods. If you may have a supply offering assist and energy to you, any magical technique might be highly effective as a result of the gods are there.

It is hilarious watching folks all making an attempt to analysis and dig up an previous technique recorded by Taoists 1000’s of years in the past and making an attempt to make use of what they’ve left behind whereas not making an attempt to study from a reputable grasp who’s alive and has an actual reference to the gods. That is the facility of media; it simply brainwashes folks, an amazing advertising and marketing software!

For disciples and Taoists in our lineage, that is for you! We even have the 4V5H image in our system and completely different variations. This image is usually used as a seal for the restriction towards evils, like an evil blocking FU. You can deploy it wherever to “seal” or “block” away evils; it can be used on issues to “trap” evils too.

Common utilization for that is to be drawn over the door, head, home windows, or any entrance or pathways that you really want a blockage to be there for to not let the evils move by.

The image can be executed with the 13 loops exterior, which empower the magic with the assistance of the lineage’s energy, like hooking it up with an influence cable that provides energy to the magic. Without the 13 loops is okay, too, for a easy one-time blockage.

13 Loop spell for connecting issues to the lineage’s energy.




Ju Chiou Yin Miao,

Sin Ju Wu Mia,

Sin Yiou Su, Daai Gi, Daai Chiang

Another variation for the 13 loops is to make use of the upper energy within the celestial courtroom, calling the Jade Seal Nine Gods (9 primary gods)





Tian Noh Ju Cia, Di Noh Ju Cia, Daai Noh Ju Cia,

Sin Nong Ju Cia, Gim Nong Cian Cia, Ju Nong Cian Cia,

Whuo Le Cian Cia, Bye Hwall Cian Cia, Saam Noh Ju Cia,

Hip Jong Cian Cia, Jong Sin Fu Chia, Nieong Sim Jieong Yin,

Daai Hen Wei Nieong, Chia!

To draw the image, you possibly can observe our TikToks video:


@tinyatdragontao Taoist Magic Symbol – Seal and Protect #taoism #taoistmagic #image #sigil #daoism #daoistmagic #magic #futalisman #jeesifu #sorcery ♬ unique sound – Tin Yat Dragon


The spell:




4v5h Spell

Si Jia Whuo Whuaan, Sin Nong Chuo Hong,

Paan Nong Gew Juan, Tian Di Chia Fong,

Yu Wu Jia Si, Yi Wu Jia Mong,

Yiao Mia Chia Doe, Bye Xia Chiam Chong,

Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong

If the spell is just too laborious to recollect as a result of it’s so lengthy, you possibly can do this brief model with one phrase per line.


Chue, Chia, Chuo, Why,

Bye, Xia, Chiaam, Chong,

Chia Fong Chia Nieong!

The final stroke on the underside is completed with 4 phrases.

It means to exorcise the evils, and all obstructive forces are suppressed, contained, approved, and sealed within the powers as command says.

The longer spell is extra highly effective and does name in energy from the lineage and courtroom that can assist you execute the duty. The shorter spell is sweet for native issues requiring much less energy. Both are high quality for each day magic, however for long-term sealing like the principle door, you need to use the lengthy one for extra energy that lasts longer.

To apply the magic on one thing and push out the evils, plus give it a one-time seal, you possibly can deploy the magic with the sword finger; it’s easy and fast.

If you want the seal to last more, you need to have executed your solar kuet to deploy a god there first after which write the image to instruct the god to do that for you.

We even have a 4v5h stamp that we consecrated on the altar, which permits us to only “stamp” issues to inform the gods to place energy to seal and many others. It’s very helpful for sealing the envelopes I ship out for FU orders and for sealing each day issues corresponding to doorways and home windows.

Use this magic each day whenever you exit the door, draw it at face degree to place a “shield” in entrance of you, like these social distance plastic panels folks put as much as stop covid. As you stroll, a defend might be in entrance of you, blocking any evils coming at you, supplying you with extra readability and peace as you undergo your day whereas stopping folks from doing magic on you secretively. You can seal your belongings whenever you put them within the locker or depart them the place folks can contact or throw their unhealthy energies at them from a distance. It doesn’t solely cope with evil spirits and magic but additionally unfavorable energies from folks cursing, venting their feelings and issues like that. If you’re feeling individuals are doing magic on you or about to curse you, shortly scribble this in entrance of your face to “shield up.”

If you permit your bike or automobile behind within the parking zone, it’s also possible to seal it to forestall “ghosts” and thieves. Don’t overlook that evils are what makes folks need to steal or do harm to different issues!

You also can seal somebody as much as give them safety. The similar seal over their face will give them the “shield,” You also can seal the highest of their head to forestall possession assaults.

Got one thing with “evil” stuff inside? Wrap it up or bag it up, then 4V5H to seal it up; then you possibly can entice the evil inside and never let it come out till the bag is destroyed or opened. Very helpful for safeguarding the rubbish you throw out each day as a result of that method, it’s also possible to guarantee no evil magic or evils can enter your rubbish and “hint” you and your own home.

Remember within the “timeless magic” article? Once you may have practiced sufficient and used the magic many instances, you need to be capable to “snap” it out in a flash and never slowly draw it stroke by stroke. It’s like how we signal our title in a cut up second as an alternative of slowly writing it out. Practice slowly (many instances) to construct a greater basis and improve the facility, then whenever you use it, ‘flash” it out shortly to deploy the magic. God is aware of what you need as a result of your intention is there already. God does not take a look at your strokes and take heed to your phrases individually. Newbies must do it slowly as a result of they do not have the muse but. If you might be mature sufficient, you possibly can strive the “timeless” technique, which might be so a lot better for a lot of conditions; the magic is completed in 0.1 seconds!

Not but a disciple? Ordain in the present day to start out studying; magic is tremendous helpful to your on a regular basis life, don’t let your self be bullied by the non secular components!


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