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The Haunted Plague Island of Poveglia: A Dark and Twisted Past

There are loads of ghost tales from historical past, however have you ever heard of the haunted island of Poveglia? Poveglia is a small island positioned between Venice and Lido within the Venetian Lagoon, Italy, and is one of the nation’s darkest secrets and techniques. The island has a darkish and tragic historical past, having been used as a quarantine station for plague victims within the 18th and nineteenth centuries, and later as a merciless asylum for the mentally sick. 

Agricultural Paradise Turned Plague Island

The earliest recognized reference to the island of Poveglia dates all the best way again to 421 AD. In its early years, the island was used primarily as a Roman army publish. In the next centuries, the island was used for agriculture and fishing, and it was additionally residence to a small neighborhood of fishermen and farmers. Overall, the island remained comparatively peaceable and supplied many assets to those that resided there. That is, till an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague within the 18th century. 

The Island of Poveglia where many deaths occurred during the Great Plague and later as an asylum. Source: Public Domain

The Island of Poveglia the place many deaths occurred through the Great Plague and later as an asylum. Source: Public Domain

The Plague, often known as the Black Death , was a extremely contagious and lethal illness that unfold quickly all through Europe, Asia, and Africa. Out of worry that the illness would proceed to contaminate Italy, the island of Poveglia was transformed right into a quarantine station for ships arriving in Venice to forestall it from spreading additional. Because of its isolation from the mainland, it was believed that this might be the very best place to isolate the illness from the remaining of Europe. Those suspected to be sick have been forcibly despatched to the island to obtain therapy and wait out their quarantine. 


Outbreak of the Plague. Later ill citizens were sent to the Island of Poveglia to quarantine. (Public Domain)

Outbreak of the Plague. Later sick residents have been despatched to the Island of Poveglia to quarantine. ( Public Domain )

Unfortunately, this plan was not efficient. Plague sufferers on Poveglia have been housed in giant communal buildings known as lazarettos, the place they have been typically separated by gender and the severity of their signs. At many factors, the island’s many buildings have been overcrowded, unsanitary, and poorly ventilated, which made it simpler for the illness to unfold in these inhumane circumstances. They have been additionally handled ineffectively, typically with primitive natural treatments or with bloodletting, which led to additional infections. 

Due to the character of the illness, many of the sick who have been despatched to the island by no means returned. Workers needed to bury the our bodies of the deceased on the island, and it’s estimated that over 160,000 folks died and have been buried on the island between the 18th and nineteenth centuries. Some information even state that as a result of the mortality price was so excessive, staff ran out of area to bury the useless, leading to various strategies to dispose of the our bodies together with burning and leaving them in piles to decay.

From Plague Quarantine to Inhumane Asylum

After its use to quarantine Plague sufferers, Poveglia continued for use as a spot to deal with the sick. During the twentieth century, the island was transformed into a spot to deal with the mentally sick, reasonably than these affected by the Plague. Just like with the Plague sufferers, nevertheless, Poveglia as soon as once more grew to become a spot of critical neglect for these in want.

View of the hospital buildings on Poveglia. (Chris73/CC BY-SA 3.0)

View of the hospital buildings on Poveglia. (Chris73/ CC BY-SA 3.0 )

As an asylum, the island grew to become recognized for its inhumane therapy of sufferers, having numerous experiences of critical abuse, neglect, and barbaric medical procedures being carried out on the sufferers. Reports state that sufferers have been overwhelmed, restrained, and left in solitary confinement for lengthy intervals of time. 

Recorded examples of the inhumane therapies used on sufferers included electroconvulsive remedy, (it entails sending an electrical present via your mind, inflicting a quick surge of electrical exercise often known as a seizure, to alleviate the signs of some psychological well being issues), lobotomies, and different experimental medical procedures. This therapy resulted in lots of sufferers dying merciless, painful deaths, solely to be buried in the identical filth as hundreds of Plague victims solely a century earlier than. 

Poveglia Island’s Ghost Stories: Fact or Fiction?

Because of Poveglia’s darkish and tragic historical past, it’s typically thought-about to be haunted. As a spot that represents a lot loss of life and struggling, many individuals imagine that the spirits of the Plague victims and sufferers who died in such merciless circumstances nonetheless linger on the island.

With a history of so much death and suffering there are accounts of ghost sightings and an unsettling atmosphere. (Africa Studio by AdobeStock)

With a historical past of a lot loss of life and struggling there are accounts of ghost sightings and an unsettling environment. ( Africa Studio by AdobeStock)

There have been quite a few experiences of ghostly sightings and eerie noises on the island, together with the sound of screams, moans, and laughter coming from the deserted buildings. Some guests have reported feeling a way of dread or unease when visiting the island, and some have even claimed to have been bodily attacked or pushed by unseen forces.

Additionally, the island’s isolation and abandonment for a few years have contributed to its fame as a haunted place. The island is off-limits to the general public and has been decaying for many years, including to the eerie and unsettling environment.

It’s value noting that many of the ghost tales related to Poveglia are primarily based on rumors and legends, and there is no such thing as a scientific proof to assist the claims of these supernatural experiences. However, those that have had these experiences are satisfied there may be reality behind these rumors.

A Brighter Future for Poveglia Island?

The darkish and twisted historical past of Poveglia island is actually not for the faint of coronary heart. After the asylum was closed, the island was left deserted and largely untouched. Even right this moment, Poveglia is non-public property and fully off-limits to the general public as it’s thought-about a security hazard, although some have visited illegally to uncover truths behind its ghost tales. In latest years, there have been plans to develop the island right into a vacationer vacation spot, however these plans have been met with resistance from conservationists and native residents.

Though its previous was stuffed with a lot cruelty, some hope for a brighter future for this island. With any luck, maybe some enhancements might be made to make the island visitable once more. That is, if the ghosts will permit it.

Top picture: A ghost island, representational. Source: Bernadett / Adobe Stock

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