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Taoist Empowerment Magic | Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

After the “Protection Seal” magic, that is one other one which I want to train and clarify in a prolonged submit. There are two magic symbols on this lesson, one is named the “Sun and Moon 日月花字,” and one is named “Daai Gut 大吉花字.” Both can be utilized for empowerment and lots of different issues. However, they require entry to our lineage’s energy, which you can begin by going by way of the free initiation or the official ordain route.


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Here are the TikTook movies now we have made for the symbols. It’s easy: copy and observe, memorize it by coronary heart, then use it anytime. The spells for them are:

Sun Moon image:


Ya Yioh Gwong Miong Jiao Si Fong,

Yioh Chieong Chia, Cieong Chieong Chia, Taai Chieong Chia

Daai Gut image:


Daai Gi Daai Li Daai Gi Chiang,

Yioh Chieong Chia, Cieong Chieong Chia, Taai Chieong Chia

The image will also be executed with the 13 loops outdoors, which empower the magic with the assistance of the lineage’s energy, like hooking it up with an influence cable that provides energy to the magic. Without the 13 loops is okay, too, for a easy one-time deployment.

13 Loop spell for connecting issues to the lineage’s energy.




Ju Chiou Yin Miao,

Sin Ju Wu Mia,

Sin Yiou Su, Daai Gi, Daai Chiang

Another variation for the 13 loops is to make use of the upper energy within the celestial court docket, calling the Jade Seal Nine Gods (9 important gods)





Tian Noh Ju Cia, Di Noh Ju Cia, Daai Noh Ju Cia,

Sin Nong Ju Cia, Gim Nong Cian Cia, Ju Nong Cian Cia,

Whuo Le Cian Cia, Bye Hwall Cian Cia, Saam Noh Ju Cia,

Hip Jong Cian Cia, Jong Sin Fu Chia, Nieong Sim Jieong Yin,

Daai Hen Wei Nieong, Chia!

The greatest method to perceive that is that after you write the image, a light-weight supply shines on the spot, like a giant highlight or solar that shines on the topic, giving it energy from the skin.

What occurs to you when the solar shines down in your pores and skin? You really feel it inside, the warmth.

It impacts the within of issues, which offers with the non secular parts (d6) facet of issues. When mild is there, evils don’t wish to stick round.

The shortcut is to recollect that you really want god to beam its mild on the topic; the ability will shine on it and have an effect on it instantly. God can empower issues for you or to exorcise evils for you; all of it depends upon what you need god to do for you. The intention is what units the precise objective of this image.

The intention is just not if you hold fascinated by one thing; it’s why you probably did it. It requires no time to create an intention. It is the primary split-second of why you even wrote the image.

Examples of Application

  1. Draw earlier than your self in order that god’s mild can empower your imaginative and prescient for deciding and selecting issues.
  2. Draw on the resume in order that the individual studying it will get to see it and be affected to really feel constructive about you.
  3. Draw on the primary entrance earlier than you allow; draw larger up like a light-weight bulb that shines above, and repel dangerous guys who attempt to break in or mess with your own home.
  4. Draw over the automotive or bike you simply parked, so the sunshine can coat over the topic and make individuals who see it is not going to wish to steal or harm it.
  5. Draw over the mattress’s space earlier than you sleep, defending you in opposition to evils and serving to you sleep higher.
  6. Draw over the dinner desk after every part is served, give everybody a greater vibe and eat fortunately collectively.
  7. Draw over the working desk space; it helps you consider concepts and get extra inspiration.
  8. Draw the image on somebody (over the face or coronary heart) to provide them blessings.
  9. Draw the image over some meals you got outdoors, and let the sunshine clear up the evil and negatives earlier than you eat it.
  10. Draw the image over individuals by a distance to let the sunshine shine over them and make them resolve an argument sooner.

Imagine injecting a needle into one thing and giving it some god-power juice. What occurs when issues are injected into the topic? It impacts their motion or outdoors. It will have an effect on the result of issues (D8). This is nice for utilizing if you want god that can assist you obtain a sure end result.

The shortcut is remembering that this tells god to enter the topic. God will possess it, and no matter you need god that can assist you do is as much as your intention.

God going into an object is just like the god staying in there, which will also be doing nothing and ready on your command later. The god wants to enter one thing to get management over it. Imagine the god acquired into your boss’s physique, then the god can have an effect on his thoughts and ideas to make him such as you extra.

Examples of Application

  1. Draw on the door and inform the god to enter the door and guard. In case individuals come to choose your lock or attempt to break in, god can go into them and have an effect on their minds to vary their actions.
  2. Draw on a enterprise card so the god can go into it, then later, when individuals get the cardboard of their hand, the god can go into them and make the individual such as you extra.
  3. Draw on somebody’s left palm, which tells the god to remain within the individual’s coronary heart and assist them later if wanted. For instance, a confidence enhance, repel evil ideas and cope with coronary heart devils.
  4. Draw on a pen so the god stays inside and helps you write higher.
  5. Draw on a hat, so the god goes into it and helps you guard and defend your head to dam any evil magic assaults from above.
  6. Draw into medication earlier than you eat them; it helps the god to enter your physique and cope with your illness.
  7. Draw into the sport controller/telephone/keyboard or issues you may be utilizing, and have god enable you execute the duty higher.
  8. Draw in your palm secretively after which shake arms with individuals. You can inform the god to enter that individual and affect their ideas and emotions.
  9. Draw in your palm after which slap the center 3x, permitting the god to enter your coronary heart and enable you from the within. Good for shielding the center, boosting confidence, making choices, or making ready you for a battle!
  10. Draw on a present and let god go into it and observe the individual dwelling; after the individual unwrapped the present, god will give them assist and blessings as you’ve got wished.

There are some ways to make use of these two symbols; it’s about your creativity and intention. By default, the Daai Gut image was drawn on the incense pot to place a god into the pot after we first began up the altar. We additionally write the Sun Moon image over the altar by a distance, so mild can shine and bless it for defense.

To strengthen them, you will need to study the image by coronary heart and use it extra usually. The extra you utilize it and make the most of the powers, the stronger the magic will get.

Remember that you’d want to attract out energy utilizing the center spell earlier than you draw the image. Just writing the image itself doesn’t do something since you haven’t known as the gods first.

Magic is magical due to the connection and communication with the gods, not as a result of a sure image or phrase has the ability itself. Words and symbols are communication instruments; they don’t say a lot till the intention is ready.

Extra Note:

The three “ticks” now use the Saam Ching spell, which will get the ability from the lineage’s civil-level energy (HS2). If you’re utilizing it with civic-level energy, drawing energy from the celestial court docket (HS4), then you would need to change the spell to:


Ya Bia Sin Nong Chong Tian Gong, Yi Bia Fi Nong Yip Di Loy,

Saam Bia Chong Nong Jaai Chia Jia Sin Toy.

There can also be a spell for utilizing native energy (HS0) which is:



Ya Bia Tian Di Dong, Yi Bia Ju Cia Gim,

Saam Bia Hong Sin Ngoc Xia Jiou Qyue Chiaan Li Why

The spells change based on the center spell you utilize due to the distinction in energy supply. Make certain you memorize the spells by coronary heart. Practice it many instances till you keep in mind them, and hold doing so till you are able to do it with out pondering.

As you’ll be able to see, Taoist magic could be very refined and complicated. You can have many questions, and that’s the reason it is best to by no means study by yourself. Ordain at present to study extra!


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