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Jack Kornfield: “The trouble is, you think you have time.”

Jack Kornfield, in Buddha’s Little Instruction Book, says, “The trouble is, you think you have time.” In different phrases, we postpone essential issues, assuming that we will do them later. But there is probably not any “later.” Life is brief; make good use of it.

This quote is commonly attributed to the Buddha, however it’s not one thing he stated. It’s Jack Kornfield’s adaptation of one thing from Carlos Castaneda’s fictional Don Juan in his third e-book, “Journey to Ixtlan,” the place the shaman says:

There is one easy factor improper with you – you think you have loads of time … If you don’t think your life goes to final endlessly, what are you ready for? Why the hesitation to vary?

The resemblance isn’t coincidental — Jack makes reference to this quote in one in all his talks.

Recognizing that our time right here is temporary can assist us admire life and see what the essential issues are. One of the issues the Buddha inspired us to do was to replicate on our personal impermanence, and the way, within the gentle of that, it’s essential that we take accountability for our lives.

Life is brief; make good use of it. When individuals hear this they often think it means “life is short, have as much fun as possible.” But if you actually tackle board how temporary our time right here is, you’re additionally compelled to acknowledge what’s actually most respected. And for many of us that’s loving, being liked, and residing meaningfully. “Fun” comes a lot additional down the listing. Love and which means, it seems, are extra enjoyable than enjoyable itself.

Notice your respiration, conscious that every breath comes solely as soon as. Each breath is exclusive. Being conscious that the breath you’re taking proper now won’t ever come once more makes it appear extra important and worthy of consideration.

In truth, as you take note of your respiration, strive noticing how every second is exclusive. That second, and that second, and that second—every one flits by. Each one is treasured. This might sound like a platitude till you “get” it. Then it’s a easy and profound fact: every second is treasured.

Think about these round you, about these near you, about these you’re linked to with ties of blood or love. Think about those that barely register in your consideration, and about these you don’t like. Every one in all them goes to die. And you’re going to die.

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Life is unpredictable. When you’re with somebody, you have no concept if you’ll ever see one another once more. Everyone you see in the present day—this may occasionally your final encounter. And perhaps you ought to behave as if it was. What final impression, what final phrases, would you like them to have of you, ought to both of you die tomorrow?

As I typically say, “Life is short; be kind“.

Try adopting as a mantra, “We may never meet again.” Let your self really feel weak and tender. Let your self really feel affection. Let your self admire others’ primary goodness. Let your tendency to deal with the adverse fall away, and acknowledge that you’re surrounded by good people who find themselves struggling to search out happiness in a world the place true happiness is uncommon. Let your self love.

The trouble is, you think you’ll have time to like later, and you may not, so behave as if you don’t have time to waste, and let your self love: Now.


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