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Mysterious And Secret Ancient Caves Of Cornwall – Where People Experience Strange Visions

Ellen Lloyd – AncientPages.com – In England, there are lots of historic locations shrouded in thriller.

In a desolate Cornish panorama, some mysterious historic caves are nonetheless left. These caves ceaselessly seem in Cornish folklore and have stored their secret for over 3,000 years. Who created them, and for what objective?

The main, curved, chamber of the Halligye Fogou at the Trelowarren Estate, Cornwall. Photo taken with a long exposure and illuminated by a moving torch beam.

The principal, curved, chamber of the Halligye Fogou on the Trelowarren Estate, Cornwall. Photo taken with a protracted publicity and illuminated by a transferring torch beam. Jim Champion  – CC BY-SA 3.0

People who visited the caves say that they witnessed an odd gentle phenomenon. The guests additionally heard uncommon sounds and skilled extraordinary visions inside or close to these outstanding caves.

Our ancestors have been conscious of Earth’s power and the ability it carries. Therefore, they constructed a number of sacred monuments on so-referred to as energy spots. These websites are so highly effective that they trigger varied bodily reactions. Perhaps this might clarify the outstanding impact the caves had on their guests.

The caves we’re referring to are generally known as Fougus. The identify derives from fogo and fócw, that means ‘Cave’ in Cornish and Celtic languages.

In most circumstances, these caves have a curved roof passage resulting in an underground a part of the construction the place an adjoining chamber may be reached by way of what is called a “creep” passage. In most circumstances, the central passage is astronomically aligned.

It is usually believed that the present Fogous are dated to about 500 BC, however it’s unclear what their objective was.

Some counsel the caves served as meals storage. Others consider they have been refuge shelters or supplied shelter from the tough winter snow and rain.

Another idea is that these caves have been spiritual facilities the place varied rituals occurred.

Halliggye Fogou One of the largest and best preserved of these fogou (curious underground passages) this one originally passed under the rampart of a defended Iron Age settlement. The passage is up to 1.9m high with a corbelled roof and heavy stone lintels and jambs, 54 feet long and built around 1000BC.

Halliggye Fogou One of the biggest and greatest preserved of those fogou (curious underground passages) this one initially handed beneath the rampart of a defended Iron Age settlement. The passage is as much as 1.9m excessive with a corbelled roof and heavy stone lintels and jambs, 54 toes lengthy and constructed round 1000BC. Image credit score: Trish Steel – CC BY-SA 2.0

The reality that almost all prehistoric cave work have been found within the deepest and most inaccessible caves will not be with out significance. Shamans sought out the darkish, the place they carried out magic or skilled their visions.

Perhaps a few of the Fogous have been additionally utilized by the Druids to invoke their magical powers.

Many of the traditional Fogous have been destroyed a very long time in the past, however just a few stay. One is the traditional cave of Boleigh Fogou, which is outstanding for a lot of causes. The identify “Boleigh” means “place of slaughter,” According to historic information, many individuals died within the battle between the Cornish Celts led by King Howell in opposition to King Athelstan and his Saxon Army. The Celts have been brutally killed, and King Athelstan grew to become England’s first King. An outdated legend tells how “the fort ran crimson with the blood” after the battle.

The Boleigh Fogou was first excavated in 1957 by Dr. E. B. Ford, who found not solely pottery but in addition seen one thing that can’t be simply defined on the left facet of the doorway.

“He organized for the boulder to be photographed with infrared movie, and the ensuing {photograph} revealed a male determine, apparently full-confronted, with lengthy hair across the head, the left facet of the face being flecked away. The proper arm, raised from the elbow, helps a spear; the left is held horizontally to the elbow, the forearm being lifted vertically, the hand greedy a lozenge-formed object, presumably the pinnacle of a serpent, one of many coils of which being dimly prompt around the wrist. Although associated to related figures in Brittany, the carving was distinctive in Britain,” defined Jo May, the previous website proprietor.

People who’ve visited the Boleigh Fogou have skilled outstanding visions.

During considered one of his visits to the Boleigh Fogou, Jo May mentioned that he noticed one thing he described as spiraling actions, many spirals swirling round.

They exploded into stars and seemed like many pinpricks of sunshine floating round.

One historic story says that Boleigh Fogou is the place a coven of witches was seen dancing with the satan by a squire who had chased a hare for miles underground. Another legend says that should you keep contained in the cave too lengthy, the roof will fall and crush you.

In Cornish folklore, the Fogous is the residence of evil spirits guarding treasures.

In different caves just like the Treveneague Fogou and the Pendeen Fogou, guests inform tales of witnessing individuals standing close to the cave’s entrance wearing garments relationship to the Iron Age.

While visiting these historic caves, many have suffered intense complications and dizziness. Some consider these signs are related to spirals on the caves’ partitions. There are additionally experiences of how individuals have skilled being current in an unlimited house extending for miles fairly than in a slim cave.

Perhaps there’s an unknown power pressure contained in the caves. Maybe this power impacts individuals otherwise, leading to some experiencing visions whereas others really feel ailing. Perhaps the Druids found the secrets and techniques of an invisible power supply and used it of their rituals.

We have no idea, and we are able to solely speculate. We can say with certainty that these historic caves of Cornwall have stored their secrets and techniques for over 3,000 years, they usually nonetheless do.

Perhaps the spirits guard the secrets and techniques conserving the data hidden from us people. You by no means know.

Written by  Ellen Lloyd – AncientPages.com

Updated on March 14, 2023

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