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The Cultural Revolution in Tibet

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With my give attention to Han Chinese tradition, I hardly ever presume to enterprise into fashionable Tibetan historical past. But amidst the latest escalation in the plight of the Uyghurs, we should always maintain in thoughts the power tribulations of the Tibetans throughout the PRC. This was one in every of my early posts on Tibet; my makes an attempt at gaining a primary schooling on the subject has since expanded right into a collection of critiques.]

Social and political change is a significant aspect in finding out the travails of expressive tradition and spiritual exercise—not least underneath authoritarian regimes, together with the Han Chinese and ethnic minorities. So work on the Maoist period is especially necessary, with native research akin to Chen village, the work of Friedman, Pickowicz, and Selden, Mueggler’s The age of untamed ghosts, my examine of Gaoluo (Plucking the winds)—and, devastatingly, Guo Yuhua‘s examine of a Shaanbei village.

For Han Chinese areas, accounts…


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