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The Truth of Marrow Washing and Tendon Changing Qi Gong

The well-known “Marrow Washing 洗髓經” and “Tendon Changing 易筋經” Qi Gong is usually misunderstood. These are Taoist Qi Gong, which implies you have to be a Taoist to apply them, and they won’t assist you to get stronger or reside longer; it isn’t for that goal. If you might be searching for solutions, there are various comparable ones on the market, flooded all around the web with individuals who declare to “know” it; that’s one possibility for you. However, you might be anticipated to see one thing completely different if you’re right here.  We are Taoists, the individuals who do that stuff, and that’s the reason I can let you know it’s NOT about these issues folks reward on the market. In this text, I may also train you ways YOU can do it your self with out following the “exercise” within the “ancient” books.

In many articles right here, we have now already emphasised numerous occasions that Taoist textual content at all times speaks in metaphors and codes. When we are saying solar and moon, it isn’t concerning the precise solar and moon. It’s a metaphor. When we discuss marrow and tendon, it’s NOT concerning the bodily belongings you see in your physique whenever you minimize it open.

The bone marrow we discuss is the construction and alignment of your complete system within the three our bodies in three realms, together with your Yuen Sun, Ghost Altar, the Local our bodies and so on. If you don’t know what I’m speaking about, click on the hyperlinks to study it.

When we are saying a Taoist has cultivated its “immortal bones” 修仙骨, they’ve cultivated a set of guidelines or disciplines to align themselves with the Tao, changing into their core values and guidelines to comply with. You may also relate to legislation enforcement, just like the police and navy; they’ve many guidelines to comply with and can’t break. The stronger they hold to their guidelines, the more durable their “bone” is. Sloppy police would simply give in to the unhealthy guys and even be crooked police who commit crimes. Police with sturdy bones will at all times be righteous and reside by the foundations and values they swore. In our lineage, newbies’ disciples even have guidelines to comply with and a mindset to tune in, such because the 5 virtues and ten commandments. You can examine it in our eBooks. If a disciple has a weak bone construction, they might give in to evils and fail to coronary heart devils simply, which may smash their Tao coronary heart and trigger withdrawal from the Tao.

“Marrow Washing” is to clean the “blood” within the bone, which implies setting guidelines for your self, making it one thing you reside by and stand sturdy for. Washing means you will need to REMOVE your outdated ones and set new ones in. What you’ve got discovered prior to now have to be let go, then you definately study from the brand new guidelines to re-program your values and guidelines into the bone. To accomplish that, you will need to memorize the foundations and values in order that it goes again to your Yuen Sun and grow to be half of your life’s alignment methodology. The essence from the “sun”(metaphor), which is the Yuen Sun, will create that bone for you, and the “blood” from the Yuen Sun goes to be the marrow inside this bone, that are all non-physical issues.

Tendons, {that a} metaphor for the facility within the “meat” layer, which refers back to the soul’s energy. The phrase for tendon is 筋, which implies the facility within the moon, as within the “ghost altar” or the soul. Simply put, it means altering your pondering logic, which creates energy in your soul. You should embrace a sure logic or system of pondering to make your soul sturdy. For instance, police at all times have a system to do issues; hospitals even have a system to suppose and diagnose issues, and you may’t go by feeling solely and belief your instinct. By having a system or logic of pondering, you should have the facility to course of info with out being misled, distracted or tricked into the fallacious path. Kids don’t have that, in order that they typically act based mostly on emotions, which can at all times lead you to nothing however hassle.

Knowledge will assist you to construct stronger tendons; studying extra about issues and the logic behind them will make you stronger. Imagine you don’t know something about cooking, and you attempt to faux to be a chef, folks can debunk you, and you won’t be able to battle anymore. If you’ve got stronger tendons, you’ve got an excellent quantity of information within the soul; you may break down issues and clarify them properly, then you might be like a PRO in everybody’s eyes. With that sort of tendon, you received’t be crushed simply.

You may suppose you will need to do some Qi Gong and train to realize this. No, sorry. All that train stuff is ineffective and wastes time as a result of it’s not even for the bodily physique, similar to we mentioned within the Qi Gong Misunderstanding submit.

To domesticate these, you may go from washing marrow first to altering the tendons.

To wash the marrow, it’s essential to discover a set of guidelines to go by. Everyone does it for a goal. For instance, you will need to go to work each day, arrive at 9 and off at 5. That’s a rule you’ve got set; then you will need to DO IT to witness your self sticking by it. That means except the boss says there isn’t a OT or early leaving by your self.  Marrow is being washed over the times. You persist with the rule and battle the hurdles to make it occur. As you WITNESS what you’ve got accomplished, the reminiscence will return to your Yuen Sun, and ultimately, it WASHES the Yuen Sun with the brand new reminiscence and teaches your Yuen Sun to vary and regulate to what you might be following now. For instance, you may set a each day schedule to reside by and say you’ll get up at 5 pm, and sleep at 10 pm, then hold doing it each day to point out your self this can be a rule you’ll by no means break.

Once you may stick with it, your bone is being toughened. No matter what occurs, you continue to need to attempt to stay to the rule, with no exception and no breaking of the rule.

Marrow is washed by “seeing” your self doing it over time.

To change the tendon, you will need to make up extra causes for supporting your guidelines. For instance, why it is best to get up at 5 and sleep at 10, and checklist some advantages and causes. The extra you consider it, the extra it burns the soul and the extra energy the soul may have, which ends up in stronger tendons. It’s quite simple; everybody can do it. Whenever you’ve got time, take into consideration what you go by in life, purpose them out, and give them extra supportive factors and energy, “brainstorming” is an effective phrase for this. After you’ve got reasoned it out, discuss to your self to persuade your self why the foundations you go by are GOOD. Anything towards you known as “evil” ideas; battle it inside your self and kill these devils.

Thinking and pondering helps you construct this tendon.

For Taoists in our lineage, it’s easy. You see the doctrines and guidelines you will need to comply with at your stage, then reside by them. Recite it each day, know them properly, and then go reside by these guidelines. The extra you attempt to persist with them and by no means give in to something that leads you to interrupt them, the stronger your bone and the higher your marrow is.

Then it is best to take into consideration these guidelines you might be following and ask your self why that is good in the event you perceive it and the way it will assist, and then ask your Cia Juan (me) for teachings, deliver it up on LINE and so on. After you’ve got discovered and labored out your soul by pondering and pondering, your tendon may also change.

So, what about Qi Gong or train? They are simply metaphors that let you know a sample.  If the “real” modifications aren’t made and discovered, doing these workout routines doesn’t do something for you. The GOAL is cultivating your bone and tendon as a Taoist to have higher alignment and soul energy to defend your self towards evils. It’s not about figuring out and exercising. Even in the event you do these workout routines for 60 years, it received’t do a lot for you, don’t waste your time doing one thing like that.

The purpose for a Taoist to domesticate marrow washing and tendon altering is to make them extra aligned with their Tao, which helps them battle via hurdles that may come their option to shake their coronary heart and get them to surrender cultivating. Evils and devils will probably be there ready to problem a Taoist, and in case your immortal bone will not be solid but, you may fail and find yourself quitting, similar to a bunch of failed disciples I’ve seen. It’s quite common to see disciples quitting after some time, and all of it has to do with their bones being weak, not following or dwelling by the foundations the Tao has set for them, and then they are going to fail and get seduced by the evil forces.

Virtue and morals are vital issues to concentrate on, however they aren’t “thrilling” for newbies; that’s the reason newbies typically give up throughout the first three months and surrender as a result of forging the immortal bone is VERY HARD and BORING. Did I let you know that not everybody is usually a profitable Taoist? Many folks may be a “Taoist” or only a “fan” of it on the floor degree, however not many can domesticate it for actual. I’ve seen many failed instances myself, and I warn you that if you’re about to step into the door of Taoism, put together to face this hurdle.

Ordain in the present day to study extra, particularly the true stuff you crave. Don’t waste your time doing ineffective apply; life is just too valuable. You have higher issues to study and do right here.


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