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An Etteilla Doodles Update – benebell wen

The above facet by facet isn’t a good comparability, however let’s examine anyway. The left was fully hand-drawn in pen and ink again in 2018 after I first picked up drawing after not having carried out something artsy for over 20 years. Well, I did do technical drawings in style design, however like inventive artsy artwork. That I hadn’t carried out in many years.

The above proper started as a thumbnail sketch by hand (I nonetheless really feel higher doing it that manner, even after going digital), I scan within the tough sketch after which clear it up digitally. Then the illustration is coloured digitally as nicely.

Gradually, I’m doing much less and fewer by hand analog and an increasing number of digitally in software program. For instance, even close to the tail finish of finishing SKT Revelation artwork, I used to be finalizing virtually the whole composition of every card by hand, scanning it in, and then digitally coloring, tweaking, and many others.

At this level of the Etteilla venture, nonetheless, there’s lower than 1 hour of drawing by hand analog at first goes digital and I take it to the end line in Paint Shop Pro.

I’ll say, although, however the increase you get from tech, my precise line drawing by hand has improved an ideal deal during the last 5 years.

After the black and white SKT First reignited my zeal for drawing, I’ve been dedicating lots of time to perfecting the craft. I shouldn’t use the phrase “perfecting.” I’m nonetheless so removed from it. But I’ve been making a concerted effort to enhance each one among my technical weaknesses in relation to illustration and design.

So, for instance, if I look again at a few of my early SKT artwork and see that there have been points with bodily proportions, I am going balls to the wall in with research and observe on drawing human anatomy. If I’ve a imaginative and prescient for what I wish to see shade sensible however I don’t have the digital artwork technical talent to do it, I cease every little thing I’m doing to study and study till I determine the method.

After each composition I do, I’ll give myself suggestions. I’ll scrutinize what I simply did and level out all its flaws. I write out a listing of my flaws after which I resolve with an motion plan to right these flaws.

Then I don’t do one other composition till I see observable enchancment in stated weak spot.

And I’ve been going at that method onerous for the final consecutive 5 years.

Yes, I did speak about how the current pattern of AI generated artwork derailed me a bit. Sure, it did make me really feel like, “holy crap, what is even the point.” 🙂

But the hubby J did give me some optimistic factors that really feel legitimate. The one who desires to purchase an AI generated artwork deck as a result of the illustrations are flawless isn’t the identical one who wish to purchase a deck drawn by me, flaws and all. Maybe I can’t draw on the technical proficiency (or effectivity) of AI, however on the similar time, the AI can’t do what I do (says the hubs).

When you actually love somebody– all variations of Love which might be true and honest– you’re keen on that particular person’s flaws. The flaws are what’s most adorable concerning the folks you’re keen on, not their “strengths” or expertise or skills. You give your generosity, and loyalty, and religion, and coronary heart to the folks you’re keen on not due to their capabilities, however due to their vulnerabilities.

What you’ve obtained, stated J to me, is love. You’re cherished. Because you’re true. So carry on being you. You don’t must compete with AI, or any amazingly proficient artist for that matter.

Oh, and in case you’re questioning about why I went with a few of my design components within the Death card, it’s the entire septenaries factor. The Moon is the third card within the first septenary; Lady Temperance is the third card within the second septenary; and Death, which I’ve retitled to Memento Mori, is the third card of the third. And all three playing cards contact on the theme of Time.

If you don’t love that triangle and sphere platform factor that Lady Temperance in my drawing is balancing atop, yeah, I’m not an enormous fan both. But let me present you the place I obtained the thought:

Lady Temperance of the Four Virtues within the Etteilla Tarot

Am I the one one nonetheless tripping a bit over the cardboard numbering within the Majors? =) Key 17 is Death? Key 3 is The Moon… Key 10 is Temperance…

And is that Key 13: The High Priest alleged to be The Hierophant or The Lovers? =D And that Key 6, be it titled “The Stars” or “The Firmament,” is — in keeping with Papus — The Empress card equal.

I additionally lately completed the Two of Swords. But oopsie…

I wasn’t detail-oriented. I did verify a couple of totally different variations of Etteilla earlier than setting to composing my Two of Swords, however didn’t look rigorously sufficient.

Some printings of the Two of Swords between 1870 and 1890 mistakenly swapped in a Victorian-version-of-clip-art engraving of the third century Roman emperor Probus, whereas the sooner printings of this card featured Constantine. Probus was on the Seven of Swords.

From Jeux de cartes instructives. 10, Histoire des Empereurs (1808) by Pierre-François Godard

Cartomancy scholar and the awesomest particular person ever John Choma pointed this out to me. And right here I assumed I had been cautious! Argh! Not cautious sufficient! 🙂

Since I digitally do my card illustrations in layers, I might simply swap out Probus for Constantine, since I deliberate on drawing Constantine anyway for what I assumed was going to be the Seven of Swords. But going with the key phrases printed on the playing cards and the historic biographies of the 2 emperors, I’m feeling like Constantine makes extra sense with the Seven of Swords, and I actually like how I labored in Probus’s story for the Two of Swords card that means. =)

Courtesy of John Choma

And look what John despatched me! I like the tarot neighborhood a lot! ❤

Btw I like the “diversity” of that includes Fohi (Fuxi) and Confucius! Look at that Asian illustration even manner again when! =)


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