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Medieval Treasure Hoard Found in the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS—Live Science stories {that a} hoard of gold and silver objects thought to have been buried in a swamp some 800 years in the past has been found in the West Friesland area of the Netherlands by a metallic detectorist. Archaeologists at the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities who examined the objects mentioned the hoard incorporates 39 silver cash, 4 golden ear pendants, and two strips of gold leaf. The gold objects are thought to have been crafted domestically. “Unfortunately, we have no idea how much they were worth because we have nothing to compare them with—we don’t know if they had any sentimental value either,” mentioned museum curator Annemarieke Willemsen. Gold was typically melted down and recycled, she defined. Some of the cash have been minted in the Holy Roman Empire, however the most up-to-date coin has been dated to the 1240s, when the area was at struggle. To examine finds from a Roman sanctuary in the Netherlands, go to “Romans Go Dutch.”


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