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Taoist Magic for Itch and Inflammation

Our earlier article talked about Taoist magic for ache and bleeding, then let’s go yet another step additional to speak about itch and irritation! As I mentioned within the article “Qi Gong Misunderstanding, “folks at all times misunderstand magic metaphors. As we are saying within the earlier article, it’s not concerning the bodily points however extra concerning the power aspect of issues, which could be a a lot larger problem than the bodily ones.

Itch doesn’t should be simply from the physique; you’ll be able to see itch taking place with lifeless objects and even your own home or automobiles. Itch occurs when energies maintain bugging you from the surface; one thing making an attempt to get in and banging into you’ll make you itch. You will really feel itchy when you’ve got assaults, or some folks at all times attempt to join with you with their soul power.

A standard signal of itch is while you put one thing on the desk and abruptly fly or bugs simply maintain making an attempt to get into the world to disturb or loot it away; that reveals one thing about this object is itchy in the intervening time. It’s not the bug that’s the drawback, however the energies on the again are dealing with related assaults by which the bodily signs are simply exhibiting you the indicators of what’s happening. If you let it’s, the itch will worsen, and the assault will finally penetrate and trigger irritation.

Sometimes this religious itchiness will trigger you to have illusionary hearings or senses, similar to at all times listening to one thing and pondering somebody known as you or knocked in your door, however there isn’t a one there. You may suppose that is only a small factor, however it’s already an indication that one thing is after you. Sometimes you may really feel that somebody is round or on the again you, making you flip your head and go searching, however there isn’t a one there.

When we’re being attacked or disturbed by some energies continuously, we would additionally defend ourselves with a giant sneeze out of the blue. Sneezing is what our physique does after we are repelling a supply of disturbance within the religious aspect. However, you can’t sneeze anytime you need, and you don’t should sneeze to cope with these “itch” issues.

Remember to look for an indication of one thing that stored returning and returning to bug you. For instance, this troll stored e-mailing me (although I didn’t reply to him), and it was very annoying. After blocking him off, it was quiet for some time, however then he got here again out of the blue and began to bug me once more. If you notice that is itchy!

Sometimes the itch shouldn’t be on you however on objects and property, similar to your own home or automotive. For instance, an indication could be like an insect flying round a spot outdoors your own home, however they don’t seem to be “attacking” you. They are at all times flying round that space, sticking round, and it will get very annoying. You must cope with them bodily, however earlier than you’ll be able to clear them out, it is best to do magic on them first to forestall the itching drawback within the religious dimension from worsening.

Itch issues needs to be handled instantly to cease the risk from penetrating additional, or they may trigger actual injury. Just like meals on a desk with bugs making an attempt to assault them, you’ll be able to cowl the meals, and the bugs gained’t have the ability to get in. Another means is to kill the bugs and relocate the issues elsewhere to forestall them from being “seen” by the bugs once more.

When you see something getting itchy, you should utilize the Daai Law Jo Si FU HEAD to present the topic a coating of golden gentle that protects and repels the disturbing components. If the issue worsens, you may need to make use of the Tin Law FU HEAD and the 4v5h seal to empower the seals for a extra repelling drive. If the itch nonetheless tries to penetrate, you then may need to make use of the Dei Law FU HEAD to suck away the disturbing components to take away them utterly.

magic device for fixing itch issues in the home is the horsetail whisk which you should utilize to whack the itch-causing components. Sometimes it could possibly be the power on the floor of your physique that’s attracting the difficulty makers too; doing a purification and cleaning bathtub will help you take away the itch if that’s the case.

For a fast resolution, carrying a safety FU or taping one at your own home’s entrance space may additionally assist repel these bothering components. That’s why we at all times have FUs taped in the home to set our boundaries and not let ourselves turn out to be free targets.

While itchiness is attributable to exterior components bugging you, irritation is attributable to inside issues contained in the system. If itchiness shouldn’t be handled and the risk penetrates, these components attempt to get out of the system like a chook trapped inside a home; they bang round and crash all over the place whereas destroying issues however can’t get out. This is when irritation occurs. For the power kind of irritation, you’ll be able to see it via bodily signs, which could be like one thing stored having hassle which surfaces from itself. Like your cellphone abruptly crashes, your kitchen at all times will get broken, and every thing shouldn’t be working correctly; that’s how irritation feels.  When you work together with these items, it may also drive you nuts and get you mad too.

Inflammation usually likes to return with ache too, which is able to worsen the state of affairs and make it more durable to repair. For instance, if somebody is mad and beats you up, the punches that hit you’ll carry that particular person’s power and penetrate your soul layer, which causes irritation afterward.

When you or something is infected, it’s going to trigger the inner energies to “act up,” which is the way you get aggravated and pissed off simply, or the objects begin to “not behave” when interacting with them just like the chair stored eager to hit you or one thing like that.

To cope with irritation, you might want to use the Ng Lui Sin Si FU HEAD to interrupt up the dangerous components and then use the Dei Law FU HEAD to soak up the weather and entice them away into the lineage to neutralize these components.

To forestall the power in your own home from getting infected, disciples ought to study and do the Chut Saat ceremony each lunar 15th to clear and refresh the energies at residence, which offers with the itchy and inflaming components, if there are any. The dangerous components could be very sturdy and cussed whether it is from knowledgeable sorcerer, which could be more durable to take away. You should domesticate the powers on the altar to construct a stronger military for dealing with more durable enemies.

Ordain right now to study and apply this magic to take away these threats out of your life. Itchiness and inflammations are round us on a regular basis, even on lifeless objects and your own home; in case you are unaware of them, luck is being affected right here and there. This is what we name every day life Fung Shui; observe and see how power is being affected; it’s very simple to see, but additionally simple to miss.


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