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Taoism vs Euthanasia | Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

Euthanasia, as generally known as mercy killing or assisted suicide, is a approach of dying that you would be able to select for your self or your pet (and even your relative). However, is it good or unhealthy to do it? Most widespread sources inform you it’s a no-go for Taoists, however we don’t say the identical right here. There is not any absolute good or unhealthy; identical to a gun, it may be used to do unhealthy or good issues; it depends upon how you utilize it. Euthanasia is not any totally different; it depends upon the dying particular person and what they need to obtain. Taoism is not like western religions, which strictly say sure or no to issues. We have a approach of explaining proper and incorrect in line with the precise consequence and final result, not primarily based on a human viewpoint normal. I don’t converse for all Taoism sects, however regardless of the others say, this text presents you with what I represent- Saam Law Taoism.

First, let’s not speak concerning the morals and viewpoints however the objective of dying, what is occurring, and the place this particular person or pet goes after dying. We don’t see dying as “the end” of somebody as a result of I’ve witnessed the opposite worlds past this one, and I do know useless folks don’t simply “blackout” and end their sport. There is a spot to go and some choices they might select from.

I’ve no touch upon spiritual ones as a result of all of it depends upon their spiritual powers. How a lot have they dedicated to their faith, how a lot will their god assist them, and what did their gods promise them concerning the after-death and so on.? It all goes again to their relationship with the gods and what contract has been made. I can’t converse for these folks, so they’re out of our dialogue.

These folks have three routes opened for folks with out faith and never going via any spiritual ceremonies for the funeral. They may die and grow to be wandering ghosts floating in our world, which is the worst situation. They may die and grow to be an official ghost residing within the ghost world they need to be in. This is the second worse case. The best choice could be that they will have sufficient energy to assist them ascend again as much as their Yuen Sun and grow to be a “ghost immortal,” which is the most effective for them.

If they selected to suicide or had mercy killing carried out for them, they will solely be in one in every of these three routes (identical to pure dying). The humorous factor is that it doesn’t matter the way you die; you’ll nonetheless solely go to one of many three routes relying on what situation your soul and “ghost altar” and Yuen Sun are like. If your ghost altar is powerful, it may bounce you to the Yuen Sun. If your ghost altar is weak, you might be even failing to grow to be an entire ghost, and so you’ll be staying on this world and wandering round ready for assist (or some evil tyrants to kidnap you)

The ghost altar is cultivated throughout their time alive; it’s not one thing they will change after dying. You can examine it within the “Moon” article. If the particular person is an individual who lived a minimalist life and didn’t have many achievements and properties on this world, their ghost altar for positive sucks, which implies they’d most certainly be a wandering ghost. The brutal reality is, the extra you might have when you find yourself alive, the extra you might have when you find yourself useless as a result of the energies from these properties they personal will all fly to the ghost altar in a single go, which provides them the most important increase to bounce them up the Yuen Sun. Like it or not, in case you are poor and don’t have anything all of your life, you’re dying poor and struggling. There is not any sugar-coating right here; the brutal reality is that in case you are a loser, you’re persevering with to be a loser; there’s nothing particular about going to die. Nothing will remodel you right into a rich particular person within the ghost world.

The distinction between being murdered and pure dying is large. The one who killed you’ll loot every thing from you, together with your Yuen Sun and your soul. You will enter this particular person’s Yuen Sun as an alternative and grow to be a ghost in that world. Oh sure, by then, you possibly can curse and hang-out the assassin all you need, too, as a result of you might have been of their Yuen Sun for a very long time, which implies you may also injury it. Many individuals are not going to love what I’ll say subsequent…

Do you see how a rustic grows larger and greater to grow to be a rustic like USA or China right this moment? They kill, and kill, and kill. The extra folks a rustic kills, the extra Yuen Sun and soul it captures, and the extra highly effective that nation turns into in PreHeaven, so the PostHeaven may even develop larger and stronger. That’s a reality. It’s ugly, and that’s the purpose of life, killing to get stronger by consuming one another; we try this to animals too. It sounds non-holy or bloody and ugly, however that’s nature right here. The level of this zone in nature is to interrupt down components, so killing and consuming one another is pure.  When we’ve killed and eaten sufficient souls, nature eats us all on the finish, once we are “ready” to be eaten. The world will finish naturally, a easy and hard-to-swallow reality for everybody.

However, pure dying won’t ship you to somebody’s Yuen Sun; you’ll go to your personal Yuen Sun on the finish (if potential). Mercy killing is made along with your consent; should you approve it, additionally, you will go to your personal Yuen Sun. Which means pure dying, and this mercy killing is identical as the end result.

Pets are totally different as a result of they don’t get to choose. If they’re dying naturally, they’d most certainly grow to be a ghost. If they’re being killed as licensed by the proprietor, they might go to the proprietor’s Yuen Sun. Then all of it depends upon how a lot the pet love or hates the proprietor. If the pet hates the proprietor, it may grow to be one other destroyer within the Yuen Sun to curse the proprietor for a very long time. If they love the proprietor, they might be blessing the proprietor.

The humorous factor is that the ghost world pet doesn’t need to be a pet or animal as a result of that dimension’s property differs from right here. Any ghost can shapeshift into a special look and talk in a standard language. You could be a cat, a canine, a dinosaur, a human type, and so on. Therefore, should you die and return to your Yuen Sun to see your cat, you possibly can see the cat as a human being; it’s one other form of pleasure and enjoyable factor to witness by then.

If you’re a pet proprietor, you’ll now fear concerning the pet dying on their very own as a result of they will solely grow to be a ghost and float round, which implies they might be at risk too, and it’s not an excellent ending for them both. That’s proper. Pet just isn’t imagined to have a lot of their life, to allow them to solely depend on sticking across the proprietor’s house till the proprietor dies and observe the proprietor to the Yuen Sun later (if the proprietor may even get there).

This is the place Taoist magic can assist with our tremendous wonderful funeral ceremony. We can assist the pet (or human) to bypass all these hurdles and instantly ship them to their Yuen Sun with our magical powers. If they’re ordained (as a ghost), they will additionally select to enter our lineage’s system and go to the celestial court docket to domesticate till they ascend to Daai Law Tin, our Taoist heaven. It’s approach higher than being within the Yuen Sun cluelessly.

It doesn’t matter if the particular person died naturally or went via a mercy killing course of; we are able to nonetheless assist them to bypass all these hurdles with our magical funeral ceremony. For those that bought murdered, that may take a bit extra work, but when they discover us to do the funeral early sufficient, we are able to nonetheless rescue the ghost’s soul out of that assassin’s Yuen Sun and seize them again heading in the right direction.

If you’re ordained whereas alive, you’re secure so long as you’re a loyal and trustworthy Taoist. The promise is that you’ll no less than be saved by the lineage’s headquarters and never be wandering round. Then you’ll be despatched to the celestial court docket for the following journey or to the Daai Law Tin world, relying in your cultivation stage whenever you have been alive. There shall be gods coming to search out, information, and help you thru the method; it’s very secure, protected, heat, and pleased. If you might have an altar at house, the altar will allow you to transition via all these even higher, and your gods may even observe you to the following journey being your helper! Being killed or pure dying doesn’t matter for an actual trustworthy Taoist. As lengthy as you’re trustworthy, the Tao will take you in and information you thru the journey; there’s nothing to worry as a result of nobody can take you away so long as the Tao in your coronary heart is as strongly rooted.

It just isn’t about how a lot you might have discovered or how good you’re with magic; it’s about your coronary heart and religion that allow you to glue your self to the Tao. If you will need to die, at all times bear in mind your Tao within the coronary heart, recite the center spell and concentrate on the Tao; you’ll be 100% secure and cared for.

Euthanasia or pure dying doesn’t matter a lot for a Taoist. However, we strongly recommend folks contemplate cultivating their ghost altar and Yuen Sun earlier than “going” as a result of ending your life right here with a poor Yuen Sun won’t be enjoyable since your subsequent life depends upon it tremendously. If you don’t do an excellent job along with your Yuen Sun right here, you’ll begin the following journey with fewer sources, and your life received’t be too good both.

Ordain right this moment to get your self related to the Tao; it’s higher than shopping for insurance coverage; no less than, that is one thing you’ll profit from and witness your self later!

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