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Taoist Magic for Pain and Bleed

When you see Taoist magic for ache or bleeding, you may instantly relate to the bodily bleeding or ache from a bodily hit, however that’s fully flawed. Many individuals misunderstood this and thought you might change widespread sense with magic, like within the motion pictures, write a FU, and the bleeding instantly stops. There was information of individuals working towards magic and getting harm by their very own “magic” follow, chopping themselves with a knife, bleeding and can’t cease the bleeding. These individuals find yourself within the hospital as a result of they don’t even notice what magic is for. I used to be additionally fooled by these once I was younger; how come razor cuts can’t be cured by magic that I do? Um! As I mentioned within the article “Qi Gong misunderstanding, “ individuals all the time misunderstand magic metaphors.

Pain and bleed-stopping magic are actual, however they aren’t about bodily ache. When you will have precise bodily ache and bleed, it’s best to all the time use the bodily treatments and add magic on prime to assist. Magic isn’t the ingredient to repair bodily issues; identical to if you break a bowl, you can’t use magic to undo it.

The PreHeaven energies create actuality, which suggests no matter occurred right here is an indication of what’s occurring within the PreHeaven already. If you don’t do something about it, the PreHeaven matter will solely worsen and manifest to develop into one thing better within the bodily world.

For instance, for those who dropped your cellphone and the display screen cracked, that didn’t occur as a result of it was an “accident.” If your Preheaven energies are usually not having points, how may this occur? If you don’t do one thing to seal the power leakage, the issue within the PreHeaven will manifest to create one thing worse for you. This is the place bleed-stopping magic ought to be utilized to keep away from power leaks, which result in your luck leaking. Some individuals surprise why their life appears to be “drained”, and luck is all the time “drained” away; perhaps they don’t even notice what number of unhealthy habits they’ve of their life which might be inflicting it, corresponding to utilizing loads of damaged issues, cracked issues, and not changing them or repairing them.

The cellphone is cracked, the leather-based on the chair is cracked, the wall is cracked or has a gap from the previous that’s not patched up, all kinds of issues like this may result in unhealthy luck as a result of the power leakage is happening, which suggests your life essence is being drained out for nothing, like water working from the faucet that you just forgot to close. It’s losing your life assets, finally reducing your potential in all the opposite vital issues.

To cope with these issues, you should use the bodily technique to “teach” the PreHeaven to cease leaking its power via this spot. Naturally, everyone knows what to do- patch the holes and tape up the cracks; even for those who can’t do a everlasting repair, you are able to do one thing to temporally repair it to represent that you just don’t need this leak to maintain leaking. Once you will have the mindset and do the bodily exercise, you will have taught the PreHeaven energies to make modifications, and therefore the leak will cease, and the unhealthy happenings will cease coming. However, be careful for a second break or crack that may occur after your repair!  If it breaks once more, you could do the “magic” once more.

For disciples, you are able to do the magic to seal the leak instantly with out doing the bodily work, which may be very useful for magical instruments or FUs which might be leaking, whilst you can’t sit all the way down to restore or rewrite the FUs.

While objects can have power leaks proven with the signal of a bodily break or crack, your bodily physique can do the identical. Let’s say you bought a minimize and began bleeding; your preheaven energies are additionally bleeding. Your power and bodily blood will bleed collectively for those who do not cease the bleeding. Therefore, for those who do magic on a bodily bleeding wound, it doesn’t cease the bleeding instantly. Still, you’re sealing the power within the soul to cease it from leaking additional, which helps pace up restoration and forestall the wound from worsening within the bodily physique. It helps however can’t change the bodily technique of bleed stopping, corresponding to making use of stress or utilizing bandages, and so on.

There was a time when an individual chopped his finger throughout cooking, and the bleeding was very unhealthy; the particular person began feeling dizzy, floating, and blurry, all signs brought on by the soul. Magic is utilized to the particular person, then all these signs begin to fade out, and the particular person can calmly cope with the blood and flesh matter with out the additional nervousness and panic. You can see how this might assist in case of a nasty wound like a gunshot or automobile accident. The bodily bleed nonetheless must be handled, however at the very least you are feeling a lot better throughout the course of and could have a a lot better expertise throughout the remedy.

However, this magic for bleed stopping isn’t primarily for stopping an actual bodily bleed; it’s for coping with the Preheaven energies leaks or the soul physique leaks, which might trigger better harm that you just can’t see along with your bare eyes. For instance, an individual with a lot bleeding in the home (damaged issues) may face a lot unhealthy luck, like a snowballing impact of unhealthy luck that by no means ends. These leakages also can appeal to evil spirits to “loot” the energies away. Therefore, you’ll face religious assaults and looting.

As talked about within the “Moon” article, ghosts love looting these energies. Beware!

Check your home for damaged or previous issues, and repair or trash them. Before you may make the bodily modifications, do magic to at the very least cease all of the leakages and forestall them from worsening.

You can use two FU HEADs to cope with the bleeding spot for a quickie technique. You would use the Tin Law Jo Si Fu Head to “patch the hole” and then add Gum Lung Sin Si Fu Head because the bandage to strengthen the seals and assist them heal. The second one is non-compulsory and depends upon the severity of the case.

We can use one other image with the phrase 田 (farm). The spell:

一二三四五 Ya Yi Saam Si Whuo

金水木火土 Gim Su Mu Whuall Tu

黃河不流血 Wong Koh Bu Liou Hioh

填入井中土 Tian Yip Jiang Jong Tu

急急如律令 Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong

Sometimes the bleed isn’t very unhealthy, perhaps only a small crack, then you possibly can carry out the ability with coronary heart spell HS2 and smudge some energy over the spot to “patch” the spot instantly, which works too!

Pain in magic implies that when energies are being obstructed, ache is a sign telling you that extra stress is constructing as much as push via this impediment. Just like if you squeeze your self very tight or hit your self arduous, blood circulation will get jammed up; then the ache will occur.

While bleeding is commonly inside-out, ache is commonly brought on by exterior elements obstructing the energies. A superb instance could be your home’s wall being broken by one thing which left a mark on the wall. The mark isn’t an issue, however the energies from the mark will probably be like somebody’s hand consistently urgent down on the spot, which causes the power from the wall to face an oppressing pressure. This causes the wall to have ache.

Pain will have an effect on issues from “moving” and manifesting. That means issues about to occur may very well be delayed or blocked; in a manner, you’ll face a “luck blockage,” which ends up in dreadful or gradual luck circulation. It’s like issues would take ceaselessly to go away or finish.

A bleed is commonly proven with a bodily symptom of breaking, cracking, and so on. The ache is commonly proven with a bodily symptom of getting some mark or stain “added” on prime of a floor. A standard one is hen droppings out of your pleasant guests above, poop on the home windows or windshield of your automobile/home. All these present you an indication that one thing occurred on the Preheaven facet, which manifests in actuality, exhibiting you an indication of ache. Quickly take away them, or else the ache will have an effect on you extra issues that can trigger extra harm. Bleeding will make you lose one thing; ache will make you “have” one thing you don’t need. Adding “negatives” to your life, corresponding to shopping for unhealthy merchandise, understanding unhealthy associates, lawsuits, troubles, and so on.

If somebody spilled espresso over you, the espresso left a mark on you, then that’s ache. Before you will get modified or clear up fully, you might have accomplished magic to the scenario to clear the ache and scale back the prospect of worsening, resulting in extra issues later. Some individuals would say that unhealthy issues maintain coming at them one after one other, principally brought on by this sort of ache that isn’t handled correctly, then the power drawback manifests into different locations in your life to present you extra hassle.

Much vandalizing leaves an enormous mark behind, scratches, paint, rotten eggs, and so on. Why do individuals do that to “curse” one another? Naturally, everyone knows how “pain” can harm somebody’s luck, which is why individuals love utilizing this technique to avenge their enemies, inflicting them ache by leaving a mark, which carries their soul power to maintain sticking and urgent onto that spot, which obstructs your power circulation, like a bruise however within the religious facet. If a religious bruise isn’t fastened for a very long time, you possibly can see the issue getting worse within the soul and even coronary heart degree, resulting in despair, nervousness and even suicide.

A mark is commonly proven as an indication of the ache left behind. If you clear the mark or cowl it, it’s going to train the power to circulation properly once more; nevertheless, typically, it doesn’t work as a result of the power supply is just too cussed or sturdy. With magic, you possibly can cope with the ache by breaking it up earlier than dissolving it, and finally, you may also take up it away to let god take the impression for you. Without magic, there’s a restrict to what you are able to do.

That can also be why it is very important clear up issues usually, like wiping your cellphone and pill screens, and even your eyeglasses, all the way in which to cleansing your house- since you don’t need your home or belongings to really feel PAIN. At the identical time, the marks on prime accumulate extra power on prime of the floor, giving PRESSURE to the article and creating obstructive forces that block your luck. Naturally, everyone knows to wash up and do one thing to scale back the quantity of ache round us, however typically we get lazy as a result of we don’t notice what this cleansing can do to assist us past the bodily and seen results. For instance, I used to be typing my paperwork on the pc and abruptly felt very caught and unable to kind as quick as regular.  I took my instruments and began wiping and cleansing my displays, keyboard, and even the desk. After all that, I’m again to regular once more, no extra “pain”!  How magical!

For coping with ache, we are able to use the Dei Law Jo Si FU HEAD to soak up away the obstructive pressure and then apply the Jee Lung Sin Si FU HEAD to hurry up the power circulation (like rubbing your physique very quick to make blood circulation once more). These two mixed will assist to take away the menace and ease the ache.

There can also be a technique utilizing symbols of無 (clear) and 馬 (horse).

Both symbols use the spell of twelfth earthling branches to show the power to clear the obstruction and pace up the power to hurry via the clogging spot.


Ju Jiou Yin Miao Sin Ju Whuo Mia Sin Yiou Su Haai

Sometimes the issue may be very gentle, corresponding to somebody touching your belongings and leaving their energies behind. These gained’t have a bodily mark however could have some impression as a result of the energies are left behind for a while. To “dust off” these energies, you may also use the center spell HS1, carry out the ability to your palm, and slap off the energies instantly.

Ordain in the present day to be taught and apply this magic to take away these threats out of your life. Pain and bleeding are round us on a regular basis, even on lifeless objects and your home; if you’re unaware of them, luck is being affected right here and there. This is what we name every day life Fung Shui; observe and see how power is being affected; it’s very straightforward to see, but in addition straightforward to miss.


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