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Birthday of Sir Richard Burton | Naming the Days

Today is the birthday of Sir Richard Burton (1821 – 1890) who was one of England’s biggest explorers, a famend anthropologist, a superb linguist, an completed translator (together with the Kama Sutra and 16 volumes of Arabian Nights), an inexhaustible author of 50 books, and an obsessive traveler whose journeys to Africa, Asia, and the Americas made him a person in perpetual movement. His lifelong quest for gnosis led him to take part in a quantity of esoteric spiritual communities. The key to appreciating this extraordinary man is present in his personal phrases: “A journey appeals to Imagination, to Memory, to Hope — the Three Sister Graces of our ethical being.” (from Burton’s ebook Zanzibar).

To Name This Day:

Spiritual Practices

Sir Richard Burton practiced openness with a largeness of thoughts that was keen on different cultures, religions and peoples. To honor his questing spirit, welcome some creator, philosophy, or spiritual perspective that you’ve got at all times considered bizarre or alien. Read an article or go to lecture to study extra about this topic.


Mountains of the Moon (1990) is a fascinating and sturdy story of exploration directed by Bob Rafelson. Based on the 1982 biographical novel Burton and Speke by William Harrison, it recounts two expeditions throughout the center of the nineteenth century to find the supply of the Nile in Africa. Patrick Bergin performs Richard Burton who has a yen for cross-cultural experiences. This is an old school journey film crammed with colourful characters, hovering music, perilous occasions, exotics cultural practices, and breathtaking cinematography. Mountains of the Moon, which was filmed in Africa and England, will carry out the quester in you.


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